Stop brain drain to ensure development: Dr. Kuruvilla


    Jamshedpur, June 8: On day two of the management research methodology workshop at XLRI on Tuesday, a research paper was presented on future of management. Dr. Sarosh Kuruvilla, industrial relation, Asian studies and public affair professor at New York’s Cornell University, informed the PhD students about the importance of research.

    “There is a need to increase the number of superior institutes like NIT, IIM and XLRI  in India which would help increase the resource person who would help provide global platform to higher education,” he added.  

    The workshop organized jointly by XLRI Jamshedpur and Cornell University of New York focused on finding out the quality methods for management research.

    Dr. Kuruvilla and Dr. Shubha Patvardhan, assistant professor of management at University of Delaware are present as a resource person.  Dr. Shubha informed the students about research quality, research productivity and prospective qualitative methodology, which would help facilitate management mode.

    The professors also informed the management students’ data gathering. They were told as to how big research can become influential just by the data.

    Dr.  Kuruvilla said that he himself is from India and is currently living in the US. “India has the best young brain, but the issue is that all good scientists and researchers associated with management and doctors migrate to foreign countries and India faces a lot of problem due to this.

    If India can stop the young brain drain then fast development will take place in every sector of the country,” added Dr. Kuruvilla.

    A group discussion was also held on the interesting research done in field of human resource management, labor relation and organizational behavior.


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