Stage set for 33rd Jamshedpur book fair, DC to inaugurate


    72 publishers from across the country to display their publications at Rabindra Bhawan from November 10

    Jamshedpur: The 33rd Jamshedpur Book Fair will be held from the 10th of November, 2017 and will continue up to 19th of November 2017 at Rabindra Bhawan in Sakchi. The Fair will be inaugurated by chief guest Amit Kumar [I.A.S.], Deputy Commissioner, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand and guest of honour Kulvin Suri, Chief Corporate Communication (India & SEA), Tata Steel Ltd.

    As in the previous years, about 72 publishers from Kolkata, Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, etc., will be coming and displaying their publications in their stalls. Like every year, this year also they will be bringing books of all types for the general readers, the students, the teaching community and for the professionals in their own subjects.

    The buyers of books do not include colleges or universities or government departments. But many individuals, school libraries and libraries associated with cultural institutions lend their support to this Fair by buying books from it. Thus the Fair depends very largely on the publicity given to it by the newspapers and their support to the Fair and encouragement to the public to buy books.

    The purchase of books is more important and necessary today. The impact of T.V. and electronic media is very short lived as it attracts a large number of people for a very short time and whose aim is to engage the attention of the viewers and entertain them, rather than making them more knowledgeable and educated in respect of their special interest.

    The Jamshedpur Book Fair has gained popularity in Jamshedpur and in the surrounding regions because of its clean, uncrowded and beautiful environment, where readers can see books and browse through them unlike other fairs. It has also earned a reputation as a Fair where the book lovers support and encouragement have increased through the years. But though the sale of books is increasing every year, the volume of increase and its spread is not sufficient if we want our citizens to be more knowledgeable and aware of the problems of the day and become well informed in all matters around them as in other countries.

    As in the previous years, this year also we have requested corporate house like Tata Steel to purchase books in a bulk from the fair and we hope a positive response from them.

    It is, therefore, hoped that parents, guardians and all those who are literate, should buy more books for their own use and for the use of their children. Money spent on books give a much longer and beneficial return to the people than many other things on which people spend their money. As a city whose per capita income is at a level higher than many others with a similar population, it is to be greatly hoped that the sale of books in Jamshedpur will rise more steeply than it has so far.

    The publishers and the organisers of the Fair will extend all help to the book-buyers to locate the books they want to buy. We therefore look forward to a successful ten-day cultural and educational festival starting from the 10th of November, 2017. A word of advice here may not be out of place. Many readers wait to buy books they want in the last few days of the Fair. They forget that this approach deprives them of losing some of the books they have chosen, or even seeing them as they might have been already purchased by others. The proverb the early bird catches the worm — applies to Book.

    Fair in more ways than one. Beside the opportunity to handle thousands and thousands of books in the Fair, the people may also enjoy the days by listening to various symposia, quiz shows etc. as an extra bonus.


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