Speakers ruling inconsistent; will go to the court: Pradip Yadav


    Ranchi: JVM (P) has decided to appeal before the high court against the decision taken by assembly speaker in the case of defection of six rebel legislators who have switched over to BJP.

    Leader of party’s legislators’ group, MLA Pradip Yadav of JVM (P) said the assembly speaker’s decision on defection is contradictory in nature and the ruling was given in two parts.

    Pradip Yadav said while one hand the assembly speaker ruled that defection of six JVM (P) legislators fulfils the conditions of merger of the party into the BJP as per Para 4 (2) of 10th Schedule of the Constitution, while on the other also stated that necessary actions would be taken against the legislators under the provisions of the Constitution.

    “While on one hand the speaker is justifying the defection, on the other is also talking about taking action under anti-defection law in view of the application filed by Babulal Marandi,” Yadav said.

    Pradip Yadav further said JVM (P) is not convinced and does not approve the ruling of the assembly speaker against which the party would appeal to the high court.

    In a similar case the Punjab-Haryana High Court squashed assembly membership of the legislators in Kuldip Bishnoi vs Haryana assembly speaker case, Yadav said.

    The Punjab-Haryana High Court had on October 9, 2014 squashed the decision of Haryana assembly speaker.


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