Sonia Singh the steel city’s latest contribution to cine world


    Jamshedpur, Oct 13: Another city girl, Sonia Singh is well on her way to making it big in the glam and glittering world of Bollywood.

    Here in Jamshedpur to spend some time with her family and friends, she is marking time with girls who are also aiming to hit the platforms of modelling and showbiz in tinseltown Mumbai.

    Sonia started modelling at Delhi. She migrated to Mumbai five years ago and after the initial period of finding her ground, has now embarked on a firm terrain to go places in the celluloid world.

    While busy participating in ramp shows and modelling, the urge to do something different always knocked at the back of her mind. Her inclination towards acting gained the upper hand and soon started training in an acting school.

    Being from a small family, her desire to step in to the glamour world met with initial opposition. But gradually, her drive and wont led her to getting roles in tele serials and as her opportunities unfolded, she became popular and her family’s initial inhibitions dissipated.

    Sonia said that Naresh Panchal helped her a lot in gaining technical knowledge and skills of acting. She started off with some serials like Crime Patrol, CID and Jai-Jai Bajrangbali, to name a few.

    But for now, Sonia Singh is determined to act only in feature films offering her challenging roles. “I would love to do action movies,” she said.

    The model-turned-actress has won many awards and accolades for her acting and modelling skills. She has also participated in ramp shows and beauty pageants in India, Singapore and Malaysia.

    Having given a glimpse of her acting potential in the feature film, ‘Miss Rosy,’ two major Bollywood movies are awaiting imminent release.

    Sonia Singh is all praise for the film industry. “Of course, there are some fraudsters in the industry and it is people like these few who give the industry a bad name.

    Five years ago when I landed in Mumbai, I too did not know whom to meet, how to meet them and how to go about my quest. Some people misguided me initially and it gave me a bad experience. But it helped me. Moreover, it was my stubbornness to break into the industry that stood me in good stead,” she stated.

    While pepping up the wannabe actresses, Sonia maintained that it was essential to undergo professional training to be successful as an actor in the film and TV climes.

    Apart from Sonia, the steel city has contributed to the film industry in no small measure. Film director Imtyaz Ali, the late Pratyusha Banerjee, Priyanka Chopra, Tanushri Dutta, R Madhavan are a few of the stars who have made it big in the cine horizon.


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