Shyam devotees from Kolhan to join Fagun Mahotsav


    Jamshedpur, March 29: Preparations for the fourth Rangilo Fagun Mahotsav of Sri Shyam Prabhu of Bhatli are in its final stages and the event will be celebrated at Ram Mandir in Bistupur on Tuesday, April 5.

    To encourage maximum turnout at the Mahotsav, Sri Shyam Bhatli Pariwar Tatanagar, the organizers of the event headed by the president Rajesh Pasari distributed invitation cards in Dhalbhumgarh, Baharagora, Chakulia, Musabani, Ghatshila, Sakchin and Bhalubasa areas on Tuesday.

    Gagan Rustagi, Sudhir Agarwal, Manish Singhania, Akash Agarwal, Pradeep Jaiswal, Mantu Bhalotia, Sushil Khirwal, Ajit Poddar, Mahavir Agarwal, Lalit Danga, Mahesg Singhania, Pavan Sharda, Murari Agarwal, Sandeep Bajaj and others are providing their full support to make the program a grand success.


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