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Shri Shyam Akhand Jyoti Rath in Jamshedpur for the first time

Sakchi Agrasen Bhawan resonates with excited chants of devotees

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Jamshedpur, Sept 25:  Lord Shri Shyam’s special Rath (chariot) from Khatu Dham in Rajasthan with the message of prosperity for the country reached the city on Saturday. Shree Shyam Akhand Jyoti arrived for the first time through Shree Shyam Aradhana Rath, whose blessings were taken by Shyam devotees. The Akhand Jyoti Yatra is being led by Gurudev Acharya Shri Giriraj Sharan. Shyam Bhakts (devotees) of the city welcomed the Rath Yatra reverently at Adityapur Kharkai Bridge and amid singing of hymns accompanied it to Shri Agrasen Bhawan in Sakchi. Devotees were blessed with the darshan of the Akhand Jyot and were lost in the divine aura of Baba Shyam’s richly decorated throne and immaculate dress. A programme of devotional songs in ode to Lord Shri Shyam captivated the audience who swayed and danced to the rich and vibrant renditions by seasoned artistes.

The programme commenced at 6 pm as devotees formed a disciplined queue to take a glimpse of the Holy Flame (Akhand Jyot) from the place of pilgrimage, Khatu Dham. Baba Shyam was dressed and decorated in divine splendor and the artwork of the throne done by experts from Kolkata was awe inspiring.

The bhajan program commenced with Ganesh Vandana followed by presentations by His Holiness Giriraj Ji Maharaj, the ladies from the local Radha Rani team led by the sonorous voice of Kavita Agarwal. The divine aura spread by the singers had a magical effect as devotees in a state of ecstasy danced to the tunes so melodiously rendered by the artistes.

Earlier, Kusum and Omprakash Ringasia participated in the prayers as the host couple. The prayers were conducted by priests Amit Sharma and Munna Sharma and the Sakchi Agrasen Bhawan resonated with the chants of Baba Shyam by devotees present.

Other attractions included the Chhappan Bhog offering to Baba Shyam, Akhand Jyot and consecrated food from the Shyam Rasoi (Baba Shyam’s kitchen) that was distributed among hundreds of devotees while strictly adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

The convener of the program Omprakash Ringasia and joint conveners Rajesh Pasari and Mohit Shah were in charge of the entire programme. The organizing team included Umesh Shah, Arun Bankrewal, Mahavir Modi, Deepak Parik, Subhash Shah, Girdhari Khemka, Biju Babu, Kamlesh Choudhary, Naresh Singhania, Manoj Agarwal, Bajrang Lal Agarwal, Naresh Agarwal, Bablu Agarwal, Gagan Rustogi, Lalit Shah, Pankaj Chhavchharia, Pawan Saharia, Amit Shah, Pawan Khemka, Tushar Jindal, Asish Khanna, Mahesh Agarwal, and others.

Unprecedented welcome to Akhand Jyoti Yatra

Shyam lovers accorded a grand welcome as the Akhand Jyoti Yatra Rath reached Adityapur Bridge. Earlier it was also welcomed by devotees in Gamharia and Adityapur. Shyam devotees from Adityapur Bridge brought Akhand Jyot Rath to Shri Agrasen Bhawan in Sakchi while chanting praises of the Lord.

Chariot is on tour for one and a half year

The Akhand Jyot Yatra Rath started on its countrywide journey from Khatu Dham in Rajasthan on March 23, 2021. After visiting different states of India, the Rath will return to Khatu Dham in March, 2022. Earlier the Shri Shyam Akhand Jyoti Rath Yatra entered Jharkhand from Odisha on September 22 at Manoharpur followed by visits to Chaibasa on September 23 and Saraikela on September 24 where too it was received by devotees euphorically. The Rath reached Jamshedpur for the first time today.

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