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Shooting mercury in Jamshedpur precursor to harsh summer


Jamshedpur, March 4: The city is experiencing its hottest March this season. Jamshedpur, the forecast for the next two days is mainly clear skies and a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius. The temperature has started hovering around 37 . 6 degrees.

As the temperature rises, shortage of drinking water has begun to rear its head in places like Jugsalai, Baghbera, Pursudih with several water sources going dry. Even hand pumps have already gone dry in several areas, as the groundwater level has gone down considerably over the past few years.

District authorities across the area have geared up to provide drinking water to people wherever shortage of water comes to fore. Traders have reported a hike in demand for cold drinks, with roadside juice stall owners and hotels making a brisk business on the rising mercury.

“The summers have arrived and in the coming days, the temperature will rise further. The sky would remain clear and there are no signs of rain, which could provide relief when the temperature is rising,” a Met department official said.

He said that the dry westerly and northwesterly winds from Bay of Bengal are making the temperature rise.

Sources added that all private and government-run schools are also mulling over to change the school timings due to harsh weather conditions. New timings may be announced by the end of this weak.

The summer will be severe this year as the maximum temperature is expected to remain above normal on 60 per cent days in most districts of Jharkhand between March and May. The maximum temperature on most days between March and May was within normal limits with capital Ranchi witnessing readings of above 40 degree Celsius on one or two days.

The forecast for the next five days indicated dry weather and a clear sky with maximum temperatures likely to be above normal by four to five degrees Celsius.

Statistics available with IMD’s Ranchi Meteorological Centre revealed that the maximum temperature had already climbed to 37 degree Celsius in and around Jamshedpur on Monday, five notches above normal. 


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