Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Shiv Mahapuran on Aastha Channel from 30 to 5 June

Jamshedpur: The discourse of Shiv Mahapuran is being organised every day from 2 to 5 pm on Aastha channel by Pandit Pradeep Mishra Sehore Wale (Madhya Pradesh). This discourse is being broadcast live on Aastha Channel daily from 30 May to 5 June. It is being organised by Dr. Gopa Sinha, resident of Jamshedpur Gamharia, in memory of her father-in-law Bans Narain Sinha, mother-in-law Phool Sundari Sinha and husband Dr. Kishalaya Narain Sinha. Dr. Gopa Sinha said that the discourse is being organised for world peace and freedom from Corona. On the first day of the discourse, Pandit Pradeep Mishra while narrating the story of Shiva Mahapuran said that each verse of Shiva Mahapuran Katha of 24000 verses gives our path a new direction, takes us on a new path. The stages in which all kinds of pleasure are experienced. He further threw light on the story of Shiva Mahapuran and told that this story is Triveni Sangam, in which the first is the devotion of Lord Shankar and the second is the recitation of Lord Rudra and the third is the recitation of Lord Shankar in Shiva Mahapuran. Through Pandit Pradeep Mishra thousands of people are drawing benefits on Aastha TV.

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