Shastri Maharaj informs about importance of Bhagwat Katha


    Jamshedpur, Dec. 26: Swami Vraj Nandan Shastri Ji Maharaj from Vrindavan (Srikrishna Prem Ras Avatar) presented Bhagwat Katha on day one of the Shrimad Bhagvat Katha Saptah GyanYagya at Vasundhra Estate on NH-33 on Monday, December 26.

    Devotees in large number were present the religious programme. On the occasion Shastri Maharaj said, the society today is mentally infested and wants mental peace which can only be attained through Bhagwat Katha which is also considered as victory of tranquility.

    The event is being hosted by Kiran Sharma, Uma Shankar Sharma Kripa Shankar Sharma, Krishna alias Kali Sharma, Jay Prakash Sharma were present.

    Earlier on Sunday, Shobha yatra was taken out where devotees including women in large number were present. The religious programme will continue till January 1.

    A Bhandara will be held on the concluding day of the programme.


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