Monday, May 23, 2022

Several trains via Tatanagar cancelled as heavy rain continues in Jamshedpur, Howrah-Mumbai route affected

Jamshedpur, Sep 30: In view of incessant rain from the past few days and water logging in different yards of South Eastern Railway (SER)  have been cancelled, short originated and short terminated several trains traveling through Tatanagar. Train services were also affected due to waterlogging of tracks near Howrah.

According to information, the Mumbai CSMT-Howrah Special was also short-terminated at Santragachi. The  Barbil –  Howrah Special which left Barbil yesterday was short- terminated at Santragachi. These special trains travel via Tatanagar railway station.

The Titlagarh – Howrah Special which left Titlagarh yesterday will also be short-terminated at Santragachi. Similarly, Puri -Howrah Special will be short-terminated at Santragachi.

The Howrah-Ranchi Special short originated from Santragachi instead of Howrah last night. The Howrah-Ahmedabad Special short originated from Santragachi instead of Howrah past midnight.

“In view of heavy rain followed by water logging on the railway tracks, trains were cancelled today,” said an official circular issued by SER.

An extra counter was opened at Tatanagar railway station for facilitating passengers to cancel their tickets and get back necessary refunds. Movement of as many as three trains from Mumbai including Howrah-bound Mumbai Mail was affected.

On the other hand several important trains on the up  line are running several hours behind schedule as they are stranded at different junctions, on the Howrah-Mumbai line, while the trains scheduled to leave on the down line via Tatanagar are either running on diverted routes or have been terminated midway. 

 “It would take about 24 hours for the normalcy to get restored although alternative measures are being put in place to run the long distance trains,” said an official.

Meanwhile, passengers traveling to other places in Maharashtra are facing harrowing times. Due to cancellation of trains they have no choice left to travel to other places. Due to this, the rush in other trains has increased so much that the authorities have issued a no-room for trains.

 An official of Tatanagar railway station said that they got information from Garden Reach headquarters of South Eastern Railway ( SER) regarding cancellation, late running and rescheduling of trains. ” Railway has been badly hit due to the heavy rains in Howrah and Mumbai for the last couple of days. It has led to disruption in movement of trains in the Mumbai-Howrah route,” he said.

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