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Series of events marks day 2 of Wheels 2017

Jamshedpur, Dec. 23: The second day of Wheels 2017 preliminaries witnessed a huge turnout as students from various city schools participated in the events.

The day began with a game ‘The Maze Runner’ where question were provided and participants had to find the answers with the help of clues. This was followed by Counter strike, the PC gaming event where 10 different captains were supposed to begin the game, the monitors were attached to LAN which let to functioning of the game competing with each other.

90 schools participated in this event including Loyola, Hill Top, St Mary’s, D.A.V, D.B.M.S and others. The events were organized at Engineers hall, T.R.C and Telco Club Ground.

Out of the large number of teams that participated on day 1 of the Counter Strike, 20 teams proceeded to the next round.

In Need For Speed, 50 participants proceeded for the next round out of the 200 that participated. The cricket event Batman saw the participation of 80 teams in a knockout round.

The football event Shaolin Soccer witnessed a huge participation of 100 teams in a knockout round.

64 teams participated in the basketball event Space Jam Basketball. There were 4 girls’ teams, as well. 20 matches were held in total.

70 teams participated in the Auto Quiz, Carnama where questions related to automobile were asked. 6 teams shall be selected for the finals. At Carnamah, Nukkad dance, play and miming was performed by 20 participants. The event was judged by Assitant Manager Amrita, Anirudh and Pranay.

200 teams participated in the treasure hunt event, The Maze Runner out of which 20 teams shall proceed to the finals.
Footloose saw the participation of 20 duet participating teams and 25 group participations in which 6 teams will proceed to the finals in both the categories. In the Hindi Creative Writing Competition, 120 students participated.

In the Western Singing Competition, Octaves, 50 students participated in both junior and senior categories. There were three categories in the Rangoli Competition, in which 70 participants appeared.

The Drama Competition, Rangmanch saw the participation of 18 teams out of which 8 teams will proceed to the finals.
An introductory Parliament session, Youth Parliament, was also organized. 50 students appeared for this session where they were informed regarding the rules and functioning of the session of Parliament.

The topic of the session was ‘Demonetization- A boon or curse, and its effect on Indian Economy’. It is a spearheading initiative for the students so that they can engage themselves in political dialogues and deliberations on issue that the country is up against.

Where young politically active students will exercise their political knowledge and grow as leaders. The same role play of the Parliament, Bill amendment, launching of bill and banging of desk was included in the process. The students were encouraged by Akhilesh Kumar, head of Project Sankalp at Tata Motors.

12 participants appeared in The Drop where the students were taught DJ skills and also showcased them later. The filler event, Dance Battle, saw the involvement of many students where they received an opportunity to showcase their dancing talent.

There were various other filler events such as Paintball Shooting, Zorbing and Bull Riding for the recreation and unwinding of participants and organizers.

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