Senior Executive of Tata Steel P N Roy upon his death donates eyes to Roshni


    Jamshedpur: Biswanath Roy, son of P N Roy, Ex Senior General Manager, Works , Tata Steel came forward even in times of grave tragedy and fulfilled his fathers wish to donate his eyes after his death.

    PN Roy who was Senior General Manager, Works, Tata Steel for number of years and was instrumental in bringing radical changes at work place and earned respect from all sections of the society unfortunately died all of a sudden due to cardiac arrest yesterday in Tata Main Hospital. He was 86 years old.

    As soon the news of death was informed to his son Biswanath Roy who is also working as Head, Power Engineering, Tata Steel, wasted no time in taking the decision to go in for eye donation. Roshni team was soon intimated by Tata Main Hospital and by the family members.

    Dr. Poonam Singh, Ophthalmologist of Tata Main Hospital along with Draupadi Mahato, Technician rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of Tata Main Hospital along with Rajnish Kumar, Honorary Secretary and National Committee member of Eye Bank Association of India, Parminder Singh, vice president and Parvinder Singh Kapoor, assistant secretary, Roshni Jamshedpur harvested both the corneas within one hour of death of PN Roy.

    Roshni salutes the spirit of Roy family residing in Circuit House Area for this noble gesture which is going to help restore sight of two corneally blind people who were waiting for years.

    It is indeed heartening that Roshni efforts are reaching out to the community more than before and many have volunteered themselves for the cause.


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