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Security Forces foil Maoists’ bid, two IEDs recovered in Chaibasa

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Jamshedpur, June 4: In a major breakthrough against Maoist insurgents, security forces successfully foiled their bid to carry out a deadly attack, recovering two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the process. The incident took place, under Goilkera Police station area in Chaibasa where a joint operation was conducted by the local police and paramilitary forces.

Acting on credible intelligence about Maoists planning a potential attack, the security forces launched a well-coordinated operation to neutralize the threat. The operation involved meticulous combing of the area known to be a stronghold for the Maoists.

During the operation, security personnel discovered and defused two powerful IEDs, which were apparently intended to cause significant damage and loss of life. The IEDs were carefully concealed in a remote location, highlighting the Maoists’ strategic planning and intent to carry out a deadly assault.

” The security forces have foiled the conspiracy of the Naxalites. On Sunday, the security forces recovered two IEDs of five kg planted by the Naxalites in the Naxal-affected Goilkera police station area of Chaibasa. The recovered IED has been destroyed by the police in the forest itself. Notably, the Naxalites had planted IEDs only to harm the police, said an official.

Top leaders of Maoist leaders Misir Besra, Anmol, Mochu, Chaman, Kande, Ajay Mahto, Sagen Angaria, Ashwin along with their squad members are camping in the Kolhan area for subversive activity. In this regard, since last January 11, a continuous campaign is being run by the security forces. During this, IEDs have been placed in the forest by the Naxalites to target the security forces. It is notable that from November 1, 2022 to June 4, Naxalites have planted a total of 167 IEDs planted at various places in Chaibasa to harm the security forces which have been recovered.

The recovered IEDs were immediately handed over to the bomb disposal squad for further examination and neutralization. Experts are analyzing the composition and structure of the explosive devices to gather vital information about the Maoists’ modus operandi and the source of their supplies.

Local residents lauded the swift action taken by the security forces, expressing relief that a potential catastrophe was averted. The operation has boosted the morale of the security personnel, who have been engaged in a continuous battle against the Maoist insurgency.

Authorities have intensified efforts to gather more intelligence about the Maoists’ network and their future plans. They are also conducting rigorous search operations in the surrounding areas to ensure no other threats remain. The successful foiling of this bid sends a strong message to the Maoist groups that their activities will not go unchecked.

The incident serves as a reminder of the persistent challenges faced by security forces in tackling insurgency and maintaining law and order in the region. The government has reiterated its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its citizens and remains resolute in its efforts to eliminate the Maoist insurgency.

Further investigations are underway, and security forces are working towards dismantling the Maoists’ network and bringing those responsible for planning and executing such attacks to justice.

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