Home Administration Second dose Covid vaccination campaign in Jamshedpur from today

Second dose Covid vaccination campaign in Jamshedpur from today



Jamshedpur, Apr 16: East Singhbhum district administration is focusing on creating awareness on Covid 19 and intensifying vaccination campaign for Covid diseases.. 

The state government has vaccinated nearly 6, 11, 975 persons between April 4 and April 14 and after taking forward the experience gained during first dose of the vaccination, the administration is trying to ensure that the second dose campaign is also successful. 

The state health secretary has directed all the deputy commissioners to start the second dose of the vaccination campaign from April 17 till May 1 and ensure that those aged 45 years and above should be identified and arranged to be taken to the nearest vaccination centre. 

The directive also states that on May 1, labour day, vaccination camps should be organised in coordination with state labour unit officials to ensure that large number of workers and unorganised workers are vaccinated as May 1 is observed as a Holiday in factories and workshops. 


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