SDO convenes meeting with corporate houses to check traffic menace in city


    Jamshedpur : Under the aegis the District Traffic Advisory Committee, (DTAC) SDO Prem Ranjan, took up various issues in the direction of checking the rising incidents of road accident in the East Singhbhum.

    The meeting chaired by the SDO resolved to constitute sub-committees each working on the ways and means to curb the road accident menace. The first and foremost it has been decided to constitute a sub- committee that will work on the short term measures’ to check the accidents on the road followed by the ‘long term measures’ sub- committee that will advice the administration on permanent measures to curb the rising incidents of accidents in the city.

    The job of the third sub-committee is to find out the reasons for the sudden rise in the road accidents and finally the job of the fourth sub-committee is to engage in spreading the awareness in the society about the do’s and don’t for the smooth and safe journey on the street.

    Though, DTAC is in place for last few years but over the months it rarely ever met to deliberate on the issues pertaining to the road rage cases.

    “The meeting was called in the wake of rising incidents of road accident in the city. Several points relating to the safe and smooth ride on the road were discussed at length and it is only in the days to come the positive effect of the meeting will be there to see,” said the SDO.

    According to information the ‘short term’ sub-committee has been asked to submit its report to DTAC within a month’s time and before that it has been asked to make thorough visit to all the vulnerable joints in the city that are prone to accidents.

    In addition to this the panel members have been asked to ensure heavy vehicles follow road discipline while pushing their vehicles to and for during the ‘go in’ period.

    “Many a time it has been noticed that the moment no entry time gets over heavy vehicles literally block the road while pushing their trucks in and out of the city and this cause much of the problem for the other section of the vehicular traffic,” informed SDO.

    Meanwhile, the ‘long term measures’ panel will advice the administration on construction of fly-over, bulldozing of unauthorized shops for the widening of the street roads and promotion of intra-city buses to prevent usage of personal vehicles at large.

    Besides, the SDO, traffic, Jusco officials and representatives of transport unions were present.


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