Science exhibition at DAV Public School


    Jamshedpur, Nov. 30: DAV Public School, Bistupur, held a science exhibition in the school premises on Monday. Students of class 6 to class 12 presented models and instruments made by them.

    A machine gun made by class 11 students was the center of attraction for the crowd. The exhibition was inaugurated by Pragya Singh, principal of the school. Aakash Radhakrishnan and Animesh Sarkar informed the students about interesting facts related to scientists and told them about utilization of science on the occasion.

    At the exhibition, Pratik Jha, a student of class 11, put forward the thoughts and approach of new generation towards science. Altogether the exhibition was scenic and praiseworthy with models related to chemistry, physics and biology.

    Some of the notable models put up at the exhibition included (Chemistry)- Electric Watch by Subhankar of class 11 B, Preparation of Ice-cream without refrigerator by Anket and Nabin of class 11 B, Coloured Colourless phenomenon by Nabeen of class 11 B and Fire Extinguisher by Anshika and Riya of class 11 A.

    Physics models up on display were Hydrolic JCD by Naman Sharma of class 8 C, Project Motion by Aadarsh and Pravin Kumar Tripathi of class 11 A. Hydraulic Power Station by Shaikat Pramanik. Projector by Disha Sen, Anvesha Pujari and N Puja of class 11A.

    In Biology- Fermentation by Prakriti Singh and Suryavanshi, Heart and Lungs by Ishika Kuita and Sneha Singh, Gestation Cycle by Purvi, APurva, Bandana and Afifa.


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