Monday, September 26, 2022

Saryu Roy visits Golmuri, plans to give market a facelift

Jamshedpur, Nov 28: MLA Saryu Roy visited the Golmuri market and met the local shopkeepers and took information about the problems being faced by the shopkeepers. The locals felicitated the MLA with a bouquet and a shawl. On the occasion, the shopkeepers were informed that there are two types of serat and holding arrangement in Golmuri market.

The market condition established in Sairat land has deteriorated and there has been no change in the markets for about 50-60 years. During the visit to the markets, all other problems including roads, drains, street lights, cleanliness, drinking water, toilets came to the fore. The MLA representative (Business Affairs) Akash Shah, who was present, listed out all the problems.

Shah said that there are teen shed shops in all Sairat markets under Jamshedpur East. If these shops are made pucca and shopkeepers are allowed to construct two storeys on their land, then the old problems of the shopkeepers will end and the government will also get revenue.

Along with this, the market can be made a better market by fixing the lid in the open drains of the market, underground cabling of electricity, night patrolling, high mast light, parking system etc. Saryu Roy is also serious about solving all the problems of the traders and his priority is to develop all the markets of Jamshedpur East and provide the gift of world class facilities to the traders here.

During the tour, BJM president Subodh Srivastava, Vikas Gupta, Aseem Pathak, Kailash Aggarwal, Sandeep Ringsia, Ankush Jawanpuria, Vinay Khurana, Sushil Ramraika, Deepak Agarwal, Prem Agarwal, Shamshad Khan, Durga Prasad, Sukhdev Gurung, Dashrath Chaudhary , Sudhir Tiwari, Ashutosh Jha, Manish, Aniket Singh, Nishant, Kaneshwar, Ashish Dutta, Jaswant Singh, Ashok Kumar, Manoj Sharma, HD Sharma, JKM Raju etc. were present.


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