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Saraikela DC meets entrepreneurs, plans medicines, oxygen, food banks for COVID infected


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Saraikela, May 5: At a time when the ravages of COVID-19 are jeopardizing life and living, governments and administrations are burning the midnight oil to establish remedial measures and provide relief to an almost hopelessly terrorized mankind.

Deputy Commissioner of Saraikela-Kharsawan, Arava Rajkamal organized a meeting on Google Meet App with top officials, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs of the district and discussed means to set up medicine kits’, oxygen and food packet banks and spontaneous transportation facilities to reach out the requisitions to COVID infected patients undergoing treatment in home isolation. Rajkamal urged all attending the Google Meet to extend their support and cooperation for the relief of the COVID infeted people and their recovery in a manner to break the infection cycle.

DC Arava Rajkamal explained that the medicine kits would include both, general and COVID cure related medicines that would be delivered form the medicine kits’ bank to coronavirus infrected patients under home isolation. Such patients would be provided medicines and prescriptions on time so that they recovered at the earliest. He also said that patients requiring oxygen during home isolation would be provided oxygen from the bank that will ensure oxygen supported beds at home and such patients would not have to go to hospitals for treatment.

The Deputy Commissioner elucidated that food packets’ bank would cater to the needs of infected patients in whose homes there was no one to take care of cooking or had children and elderly people at their residences. Warm food packets would be delivered to such patients and their families at home.

Rajkamal asked ADC Subodh Kumar to ensure a systematic coordination among the three banks vide WhatsApp groups and also to make out a list of vehicles to be used for delivery of medicines, oxygen and food packets from the relevant banks.

Deputy Commissioner Arava Rajkamal stated in the meeting, “The district administration is attending to every factor as mentioned in the central and state government directives. One of such activities is providing COVID vaccines to as many people as possible both, in urban and rural belts. I urge you all to motivate people of 45 years age and above along with their eligible family members to get inoculated. Launch widespread awareness drives for motivating people to donate blood and plasma so vital in the recovery of many COVID infected patients. Organize special camps for the purpose.”

Bureaucrats, entrepreneurs present in the meeting agreed to the Deputy Commissioner’s proposals and the ball would start rolling soon. Among those present at the online meeting were SP Md. Arshi, DDC Pravin Kumar Gagrai, ADC Subodh Kumar, Saraikela SDO Ram Krishna Kumar, Chandil SDO Ranjit Lohra, Indian Red Cross Society’s district secretary Devadhidev Chatterjee and representatives of industrialists.


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