Sanjay Dutt ends up with rib fracture during ‘Bhoomi’ shoot


    Mumbai, March 21 (IANS) Actor Sanjay Dutt, while shooting the climax scene of his comeback film “Bhoomi” in the ravines of Chambal, ended up with a hairline fracture on the rib cage, says the movie’s producer.

    Sanjay was told to rest due to the injury, but he insisted on continuing the shoot.

    “We were shooting the climax scene in the Chambal ravines and Sanjay was in an action sequence when he hurt himself in the rib cage. He must have been in a lot of pain, but he did not stop. Later, when we went to the doctor, the X-ray showed a hairline fracture,” producer Sandeep Singh said in a statement issued on behalf of the makers on Tuesday.

    “We wanted to stop the shoot, but Baba (Sanjay) insisted. Really commendable on his part,” Singh added.

    Producer Bhushan Kumar said: “We really appreciate that Sanjay has been shooting non-stop despite the excruciating pain that he must be in. He is truly a phenomenal person and actor.”

    Earlier, during the shoot as well, Sanjay had hurt his head in one of the action sequences.

    “Bhoomi” is being directed by Omung Kumar, and it was also shot in Agra.


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