Friday, December 2, 2022

RVS Academy†officials†visit UK

Jamshedpur: Principal†Veena Talwar and the treasure of††RVS Educational Trust Shatrughna Singh†††visited††Consett††Academy††Durham, New††Castle and London during January 19th†and January 25, 2015.

It was†part of††British Council Grant††Funded Project. The purpose††of the visit was to promote††understanding and††appreciate inter-cultural and educational initiatives of the school there.

Principal, vice principal and the students of Consett Academy†extended a grand welcome to their Indian conterpart.

Talwar said, ďIt was a good learning†experience. The†interactive teaching††††and†learning†makes the†most difficult†††subjects††easy††and interestingď.

Shatrughna††Singh remarked that U.K is powerful because of the advanced technology that they have.††Students are exposed to higher level††of digital technology at the school level itself .

It was a fruitful visit and we hope to strengthen the bonds with Consett Academy, U.K.††

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