Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Royal decree showing ruthlessness with nature

By  Alee khan

A few days ago there was a lot of outcry and panic in the country regarding oxygen. Meanwhile, these lines written in defense of nature fit perfectly, if we will take care of them, then they will also take care of us; Bag instead of polythene, handkerchief instead of tissue paper; Plant a sapling, take care of it for sure, they will take care of the environment. It is true that the era we are in today is full of modernity and standing on the foundation of technology. But if we call this modernity blind-modernity, then it will be better. Today, in this blind-modernity and progressive era, we have gained something and lost a lot in the name of development. At present, the connection of human with nature is not going well, as a result of which the country and the world are very much today. Going through a bad phase. Today, the invisible virus named covid-19 has shaken the human civilization from within. But, despite this, human beings are not deterred from their inappropriate antics. Today, the ruthless treatment of nature is putting the future of future generations at risk. No one has any idea of ​​the horrors towards which human beings are heading towards the so-called progress. But it is certain, the future is going to be full of apprehensions.

 At present, human civilization is moving ahead facing the tremendous havoc of Corona. In such a situation, it was expected that human civilization will move forward with some lessons and will not play with nature in any way. But, it is a great misfortune that some lessons learned are not coming out in the ground reality. Because a decree has been issued, in which it has been said to destroy the Buxwaha forest in Chhatarpur area of ​​Madhya Pradesh. Under this, there is a plan to cut more than two lakh trees for diamond mining of about fifty thousand crores buried under the Buxwaha forest. Similar decrees have been issued every year in the country. Those opposing it have always been ignored. At the same time, this time, there is a huge protest in the western districts of Rajasthan in the western part of the country over the fact that a large number of solar power plants are being set up there. Due to this, many people’s land is being snatched and the people settled there are being evicted. Let us tell you that solar power plants are being set up in the border areas of Rajasthan bordering Pakistan for the last few years. The area is said to be favorable for solar power generation. In such a situation, a large number of power plants are being set up here. For the establishment of the power plant, the people settled on the land are being vacated. There have been incidents of people grabbing land by saying that it is government land. The company, which initially set up the solar power power plant, claimed that this would increase employment and give priority to local youth in employment. But these claims changed over time. Let us inform that the arbitrariness of companies has come to the fore in the solar power plant set up near Ramgarh in Jaisalmer, the border district of Rajasthan state. Where a young man sat on a hunger strike after being troubled by the arbitrariness and dictatorial attitude of the company and after that his condition is said to be critical. Such incidents are increasing continuously. It is said that the company side and the rural side had agreed on this decision that the company would provide fair opportunities for employment to the population residing there in all its work. But now the company is going back on its decision. Due to this, there is a huge resentment among the local youth. Apart from this, incidents of molestation and atrocities of local women by workers from outside states have also come to the fore due to the dispersed population. So it is very shameful.

 Due to the installation of solar power plants, not only the local people are being replaced, but there has also been a large-scale play with nature. The habitats of wildlife found in this area are being destroyed. At the same time, vegetation and trees are being cut. Sites that once used to be pasture land for cattle are being converted into solar plant land. At the same time, complaints are also coming out from the local people that workers from outlying states are making wild animals their prey, which is very regrettable. In such a situation, it has become difficult to save the animals that have reached the verge of extinction in the western desert lands. If we talk about the animals living in the western desert land, then there is a abundance of such animals, which need open plains to move about. This part of Rajasthan is identified as Thar Desert. There is very little rainfall in this region. Therefore, thorny small trees and thorny bushes are found in the trees and plants here. Various types of mammals are found in this area, in which maru cat, deer, fox, rabbit, chinkara, wolf and mongoose are prominent. Most of it is endangered, so the destruction of their habitats is very worrying. Today, the day is celebrated for environmental protection in the country, but there is no shortage of royal decrees destroying the environment. These royal decrees seem to be dash on the wishes of the people. My nature lover friend Arun Lal (teacher) says expressing concern, when nature is no more, how will we create literature and protect our culture? His concern is also justified because literary creation has always been nature centered.‌ Lastly, we must keep in mind that excessive exploitation of natural resources is going to prove to be very dangerous.

 (Author is  Jaisalmer based freelance writer, columnist and commentator. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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