Rotary Jamshedpur West gifts sewing machines to Pragati


    Jamshedpur, September 1: Assistant Governor Kety Gabba gifted 3 sewing machines on behalf of Rotary Club of Jamshedpur West to Urban Services of Tata Steel during a function held on Thursday.

    One of the machine is electric one capable of taking care of advanced stitching and embroidery. Two scissors, measuring tapes were also given to support the tailoring class. More than 200 ladies will be benefitted all throughout the year.

    Alakananda Bakshi, President of Rotary Club of Jamshedpur West thanked Tata Steel Urban Services and Manju Kumari for their support in making the programme successful.

    Rotary Club members including Secretary Shweta Chand, Anupama Sehgal, Payal Mehta, Sapna Talwar and Jhuma Nidhi were present at the event. Plants were also gifted to Assistant Governor Kety Gabba and Manju Kumari by the club members.


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