Road fatalities on the rise in want of speedy treatment


    Jamshedpur: With fatalities on roads on the rise, a total of 55 people have lost their lives in want of prompt medical attention.

    In the last five years, 476 people have died in road accidents. Carried to government hospitals in ambulance, these victims succumbed to injuries as they could not get treatment facility within an hour.

    Sources said as many as 60 per cent of the victims could have been saved had they received timely treatment. As per practice, the staff of government-run ambulances do not take patients to private hospitals even if they are situated nearby. The ambulances instead take the patients to government hospitals where doctors are mostly not available to take care of the ill-fated victims.

    Sources said the patients taken to MGM Hospital do not get quick response. As a result of delay in treatment, majority of patients die an untimely death. In Ghatsila, patients are unable to get treatment due to absence of a major hospital.


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