All residents of Jharkhand are locals: Bhojpuria Beyar


    Jamshedpur : Bhojpuria Beyars national president Ramesh Kumar has said that people living in Jharkhand are Jharkhandis and must be considered as locals.

    He was addressing Swami Vivekananda Jayanti programme organised at Namada basti park. He said that tribal , native , external – is the brainchild of people who want to divide the society.

    The Chief Guest Tata Workers’ Union president PN Singh said Swami Vivekananda and his fierce style of speech spruced India’s image abroad.

    Harivallabh Singh Arsi, Deepak Kumar Motilal Singh , Namrdeshwar Pandey , Pandey Ram Bhargava , , Dr. RP Singh , BK Singh , also addressed the gathering.


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