Renovated TMH Clinic opens at Sakchi


    Jamshedpur, July 26: The Renovated & Upgraded TMH Clinic at Sakchi was inaugurated Sunil Bhaskaran, Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel and R Ravi Prasad, President, Tata Workers Union on Tuesday morning.

    Speaking on the occasion Bhaskaran said that In line with the aim to provide better health care, all clinics are getting upgraded and are akin to standalone hospitals except for say specialised surgery. New facilities like TMH express have been started here which will help in proper feedback to the patients. This is a big upliftment in the medical services in the city of Jamshedpur’.

    R Ravi Prasad appreciated the work done by Tata Main Hospital .He also stressed on the fact that the upgradation and renovation of Sakchi Clinic will reduce the load at TMH.

    TMH Express is a fast track channel in the TMH OPD which offers a seamless appointment-free, digitized healthcare experience to the patients.

    Using the Tata Digital Health platform, the service offering includes a pre-consulting routine conducted using the state of the art digital point-of-care device.

    Pre-consultation comprises compulsory measurement of basic parameters such as blood-pressure, blood-glucose, blood-oxygen and body temperature. This is followed by the doctor’s consultation on a digital interface where the doctor enters the diagnosis and prescription on an electronic medical records platform.

    TMH Express also facilitates priority specialist referrals as and when required. This service also offers digitized health records which will be accessible to the patients in the form of an interactive interface.

    Other facilities that will be made available at this Clinic are Physiotherapy Unit and daily visit of specialists doctors like Physicians & Gynecologists. These facilities will bring better patient care and will help in reduction of load in TMH OPD. Facilities like Day Care, ECG , Nebulisation, are also available.

    The function was attended by senior doctors of TMH, and employees of Tata Steel and members of the Tata Workers’ Union.


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