Rashtravadi Congress seeks ban on illegal sale of medicines to youths


    Jamshedpur: A number of medical stores in the city are selling certain drugs in an unauthorized manner to youths addicted to them.

    The drugs are being sold without prescription over the counter against the norms. These drugs include certain medicines in tablet form and Corex syrup which are consumed by the youth for intoxication.

    As a result of addiction to these drugs, many lives on the roads are in jeopardy due to reckless and uncontrolled driving by the addicts. Rashtravadi Yuva Congress Party secretary Vivek Singh made these allegations while requesting the Deputy Commissioner to resolve the issue on Tuesday.

    Singh talked about creaky condition of the rickshaw stand which is situated behind Sakchi Eye Hospital. It should be repaired and street lights should also be put, he said.

    He even discussed about the increasing cold in the city and said that arrangements should be made for blankets and bonfire for the poor staying in nearby villages.

    Among those present on the occasion included Rahul Singh, Deepak Majumdar, Sonu Prasad, Kanai Saurabh, Venkat, Sunil, Neeraj, Umesh, Shekhar, Pavan, Roshan, Nikhil and Shubham.


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