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Production, digitalisation, sustainability- Tata Steel’s hallmark: Sanjiv Paul


Tata Steel celebrates India’s 73rd Republic Day

Jamshedpur, Jan 26: Tata Steel today celebrated India’s 73rd Republic Day with fervour and enthusiasm. Sanjiv Paul, Vice President, Safety, Health & Sustainability, Tata Steel unfurled the National flag at Jamshedpur Works Main Gate amidst limited audience owing to COVID-19 restrictions. The programme was live streamed for all employees of the company and key stakeholders.

Tata Steel is committed to nation building, community development and consistently works towards fostering a culture of growth, inclusivity and enables equal opportunities for its employees. On the occasion, the Tata group’s founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata’s dream of building a self-reliant India and his vision and efforts towards setting up India’s first iron & steel plant was remembered and honoured by the employees.

In his address, Sanjiv Paul said, While the last two years were marked with uncertainty, the fact remains that Tata Steel continues to be resilient despite all adversities. I would also like to thank the entire Tata Steel fraternity for their contribution to ensure a stellar performance in the recently concluded TBEM assessment. We should take pride in the fact that we have been recognised as a ‘Benchmark Leader’ with a score of 755. This is something we should all take pride in. Apart from this, past year also saw Tata Steel becoming the only steel manufacturing company to have three of its manufacturing facilities being recognised as a Global Lighthouse by the World Economic Forum. We were recognised at the Group level with 3 Tata Innovista Awards, and we were also recognised as a Great Place to Work for the fifth time. These achievements and recognitions are a reflection of your efforts to make our Company more resilient in the face of difficulties and more agile and adaptive of change.”

“2022 should be seen as a year for new opportunities. Tata Steel has invested time, effort, expertise and capital into creating a business model that is as sustainable for the planet, as it is for the business itself.  Innovation is the engine of socio-economic growth and a key lever for business sustenance, productivity, and future readiness in any industry. We will continue to focus on manufacturing, digitalisation, and sustainability as key pillars of our organisation”, Paul added. He thanked the medical fraternity of Tata Steel for being the backbone of Tata Steel`s fight back against this pandemic and further said: “I thank each one of you for your commitment to the company, our principles and for the great work you have done. It is through our collective efforts that we can continue to build value for all stakeholders, responsibly.”

 Over the last 75 years, Tata Steel has contributed to two-thirds of the country’s flyovers and bridges, including modern landmarks such as Mumbai’s Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Assam’s Bogibeel Bridge (the country’s longest railroad bridge) and Andhra Pradesh’s longest flyover, the Kanaka Durga. The Company has also partnered with the Nation on key infrastructure projects – 32 major airports and all metro railway networks in the country use the steel made by Tata Steel.


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