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Prime Minister’s intervention on farmer’s protest needed – Samvad se Samadhan


By Prof. Vivek Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started dialogue with farmers. The solution of farmer’s protest can be ensured only through dialogue. Farmers and the government will also have to adopt a flexible approach. Farmers have been agitating for the last several days.

Farmers believe that 3 new agriculture laws should be withdrawn by the government. However, it seems that in this protest, farmers are less and leaders are more. Politics is taking place in the name of farmers. Everyday farmers are being misled. Rumors are being spread.

Farmers should understand that all the 3 farm laws are made for the benefit of farmers. Farmers of all the states of the country are not against agriculture laws. It is understandable that farmers may have problems about certain provisions. But it is completely unfair to call all three fatm laws as anti-farmer.

The farmers should leave the dogma and communicate. Dialogue must be for resolution. No government can answer in yes or no. So far, 6 rounds of negotiations have failed. Even on Bharat Bandh, farmers have not got any support. Farmers should learn a lesson from this.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the government and farmer leaders should talk seriously. So that the solution can come out. Due to the agitation, the country is losing thousands of crores of rupees every day.

The government has agreed to make amendments in the farm laws. MSP is not going to affected. The introduction of new laws will increase investment in agriculture, which is in the interest of farmers. A large market will be available to farmers. Farmers will get relief from middlemen. Farmers will get fair price for their crops. Farmers will be able to sell their crops through digital modes.

How many states are there in the country, why only the farmers of Punjab have the highest objection to the farm laws? It can be understood easily. Farmers of all the remaining states of the country are happy with the new laws and are in support.

State governments have also been given adequate powers. The new farm laws will be applicable in the state of state government will allow. The central government should make provisions related to this more clearly. Whether or not to adopt farm laws, it should be left to the state governments.

So far all the arguments made against the three agriculture laws by the so-called farmer leaders or peasant organizations involved in the movement are ridiculous. All the arguments are being given in the estimation of future losses. These future losses are based on blank imagination. They have nothing to do with reality. Naive farmers should understand these things seriously.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi should go ahead and start a dialogue with the farmers. The Prime Minister has talked to thousands of farmers during this period. Now he should resolve the matter quickly by communicating directly with the farmers’ organizations and farmer leaders involved in the protest.

(Author is a famous columnist and thinker, Political, Social and Economic Analyst. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at viveksinghmumbai@gmail.com)


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