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Pre Monsoon scattered rains hit Jamshedpur  


Jamshedpur, June 17: In what could be a sign of the arrival of Monsoon soon, thunderstorms and lightning struck the city on Friday evening. Dark clouds hovered above the cityscape and gusty winds followed, resulting in heavy rain. Officials in the department said monsoon is likely to hit the city in the next few days and the thunderstorms were a precursor to this. The heat wave in Chotanagpur area is likely to subside within a fortnight and the pre-monsoon showers may get intense after June 18, the Met Office said.

“The pre-monsoon showers usually come a week ahead of the actual monsoon rain and so far the monsoon looks to be on track,” said an official. Jamshedpur has witnessed high temperatures in the past week, with the day temperature in many places crossing 42 degrees Celsius.

With cloud build-up and increased humidity, the Meteorological Department forecasts occasional pre-monsoon showers to provide relief for the citizens of the coast from the soaring mercury levels. After nearly one week of rising heat levels, rains are back in the district. While there was drizzle reported on the outskirts of Jamshedpur, the office has recorded nearly 30 mm of rainfall at their gauge in the city.

However, with the maximum temperature hovering around 42 degree Celsius, and cloud build up increasing humidity to 92 per cent (nearly 14 per cent higher than the normal recorded), the day remained hot and muggy for citizens here.

“Conditions are favourable for the south-west monsoon to advance. We are expecting the monsoon to arrive in Jharkhand in the next 48 hours. Several districts will start experiencing pre-monsoon rains from today,” said an official.

 “Cyclonic circulation 4.5km above sea level is a good indicator. It will push monsoon across Jharkhand and Bihar,” he said. A senior Met official at Ranchi chipped in saying that the south-west monsoon had covered about three-fourths of Bengal and Odisha.

“Over the next day, it will come nearer as conditions are conducive,” he said, confirming that the onset of monsoon would take place around midweek. But expect to get soaked, not drenched. In monsoon’s first phase this year, the showers will be moderate.

“As the monsoon current is not very strong, it will yield rainfall ranging between 30mm and 40mm, but showers will be widespread,” said a duty officer at the Met office. He added that satellite pictures indicated multi-layered rain-bearing clouds over many Jharkhand’s districts.


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