Political Hoardings galore in Jamshedpur despite Poll Code of Conduct


    Jamshedpur, Oct 26: Hoardings of various political parties have started dotting parts of the town in violation of the code of conduct which came into force after dates for Assembky elections were declared.

    As the Model code of conduct came into place on Saturday, Oct 25 after the announcement of Nov-Dec Assembly election schedule in Jharkhand by the Election Commission.

    Announcing a five phase Assembly poll schedule starting Nov 25, Chief Election Commissioner V.S. Sampath said on Saturday the code was vital to ensure a level playing field among various contenders for power. As Jamshedpur goes to poll on Dec 2 the model of code of conduct came into effect on Saturday but a day after on Sunday the political parties hoardings were still seen at various junctures of the Steel City.

    Despite the enforcement of the model code of conduct several hoarding and banners and advertising concerning to RJD, Congress, JVM, BJP and other parties were seen displayed at prime locations of the city. With just a month to go for the election, political parties have started violating the model code of conduct.

    Several hoardings were seen displayed at Sakchi, Bistupur and Mango on Sunday, Oct 26 evening. As the model code of conduct was enforced the party chiefs should have asked the workers to help remove the banner but they were seen hanging late on Sunday evening.

    If still the hoardings are not removed the district administration can take up severe action against all leaders, irrespective of political allegiance, if banners promoting their party were found in the city. Hoardings, banners, posters and huge gates of aspirants and political parties can be seen along the NHs, state highways and public buildings.

    It was the same situation during the Lok Sabha elections early in 2014 and during that the East Singhbhum district administration initiated a massive drive to remove illegal hoardings and posters from different roads and roundabout of the city.

    The three local urban bodies namely Jamshedpur notified area committee (JNAC), Jugsalai municipality and Mango notified area committee (MNAC) launched the drive. More than 250 hoardings and banners from different areas were from JNAC area from Sakchi Straight Mile Road, Bhalubasa, Agrico, Sidhgora and Baridih, and near MGM Hospital. In Jugsalai and Mango around 200 hoardings were removed.

    According to Election Commission of India (ECI) Model code of conduct- No political party or candidate shall permit its or his followers to make use of any individuals land, building, compound wall etc., without his permission for erecting flag-staffs, suspending banners, pasting notices, writing slogans etc.

    All such hoardings, advertisements etc. on display shall be removed forthwith by the concerned authorities. Further, no advertisements should be issued in the newspapers and other media including electronic media at the cost of public exchequer.


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