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Police act tough against helmetless pillion riders in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, Feb 5: The traffic police have announced that it was now mandatory for the pillion riders also to wear helmet. Helmet for the bikers is already mandatory for bike riders. “We have decided to make helmets a necessity for the pillion riders also. If it happens we would be making our traffic scenario more close to the Supreme Court guidelines,” said a senior police officer.

The crackdown begun near Sakchi police station along Sakchi-Bistupur Road for nearly three hours starting from 11 am and nearly 50  helmetless pillion riders were prosecuted. The drive was also carried near Keenan Stadium.

 “Initially, it has begun in Sakchi but gradually we will conduct similar checks for pillion riders without helmets even in other parts of the city. It has been there in the MVI but we have not been following it strictly as the focus is on enforcing wearing of helmets for drivers of the bikes. However, following the directive of DTO we have now decided to enforce helmets for pillion riders too,’ said the official. Incidentally, there are five traffic police posts in the city at Bistupur, Sakchi, Golmuri, Jugsalai and Mango.

 DTO had issued a directive to traffic cops for checking helmets of pillion riders during the Road Safety Week. “Wearing of helmets by pillion riders is mandatory in the light of the MVI Act 1928 section 129 which mandates wearing of safety helmets (meeting ISI specification) for both driver and  pillion rider. As per MVI provision, each of the offenders not wearing helmet would have to pay a fine of Rs 300,” said East Singhbhum district transport officer, Dinesh Ranjan.

For instance, if the driver is wearing a helmet and the pillion rider is not wearing a helmet then only the pillion rider will have to pay Rs 500. However, if both driver and pillion rider are without helmets then they would have to pay Rs 600.

However, there were protests from a few commuters who were caught for not wearing helmets. “The traffic police should have first created awareness that pillion riders also need to wear helmets rather than starting prosecution straight away. It is a new thing and time should have been given for people to be sensitized,” said Kaushik Ghosh (62) a retired Tata Steel employee and Baradwari resident who was riding pillion behind his son without a helmet and was prosecuted.


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