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Place of senior leaders is in the heart, not the dustbin: Bihar Minister AP Singh


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Jamshedpur, Jan 9: “The place of senior leaders should be in our hearts and they should not be cast away in the dustbin. Due to certain circumstances some senior leaders have moved away but I am confident that they will come back to the BJP fold. Some already have and the rest will return. Their coming back to their own BJP home will add strength to the party,” observed Kolhan BJP stalwart and currently Bihar Minister for Agriculture, Cooperatives and Sugarcane industries Minister Amrendra Pratap Singh who had been returned to the Bihar Assembly five times. He was speaking at a welcome function organized in his honour by social activists and elites of society at Bistupur Tulsi Bhawan on Saturday.

Advising the neogeneration leaders, party officials and cadre members he stated, “It is our duty to respect the senior leaders and take their valued opinions and directives. They are our pillars, our foundation.” Singh’s statement was followed by loud applause especially by those who had separated themselves from the party ranks but had joined the eager audience in Tulsi Bhawan to hear the BJP senior leader who was one of the leading personalities to revive the party, its prospects and its sway over the masses.

Earlier, the reception committee convener Ajay Srivastav welcomed senior leader Amrendra Pratap Singh and read out the Scroll of Honour prepared for the occasion to greet the veteran party leader. Those present on the dais included parliamentarian Bidyut Baran Mahto, former BJP district president Brahmdev Narayan Sharma, Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Manoranjan Das, JN Singh, AK Srivastav, Amarpreet Singh Kale, Rita Mishra, Kalyani Sharan and Manmohan Chowdhary. The welcome programme was anchored by Rajan Singh and DD Tripathy.

Recollecting his former days that called for perseverance, Amrendra Pratap Singh was visibly moved. In a choked voice he named his elder brother and first Jharkhand Finance Minister Mrigendra Pratap Singh, Dinanath Pandey, SN Mittal and other party luminaries who had helped revive the BJP credentials to set it on its forward movement among masses and classes. “I can never forget does days as they are indelibly etched in my memory. Even today, my heart searches them. We pooled in our efforts and agitated fiercely for a separate statehood.” Even senior BJP leader Mahesh Chandra Sharma turned emotional on meeting the Bihar Minister.

Jamshedpur parliamentarian Bidyut Baran Mahto observed on the occasion, “Amrendra Pratap Singh is definitely serving the people of Bihar state but it can never be denied that Jamshedpur has always been his field of activity. The party members even today love and respect him because of his simplicity and friendly attitude. By winning the Bihar Assembly election from Arrah he has not only raised hope among the people of Bihar but also the pride of Jamshedpur.”

Among others present at the function included Zila Parishad vice president Rajkumar Singh, Manoj Kumar Singh, Chandrashekhar Mishra, Manager Prasad, Abhay Singh Ujjain, Rajesh Singh Bum, Ashok Singh, Harendra Pandey, Rajendra Tiwary and Ashok Dubey.

Many social organizations welcome AP Singh with garlands

During BJP stalwart and Bihar Minister Amrendra Pratap Singh’s welcome function organized at Tulsi Bhawan in Bistupur, several social organizations greeted him with garlands and bouquets. Among the prominent organizations were Har-Har Mahadev Seva Sangh, Mukhi Samaj, Kshatriya Mahasabha, Naman, Akhil Bharatiya Kayasth Mahasabha, Nepali Sangh, Andhra Sangh, Utkal Samaj, Evening Club, Kendriya Durga Puja Samiti, All India Builders’ Association, Bengal Club, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Sansthan, Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Virangana Kshatriya Samiti and others.


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