Sunday, November 27, 2022

Physically verify ‘Annapurna’ beneficiaries: DSO

Chaibasa, September 14: In the meeting of supply department, district supply officer (DSO) JJ Bejamin Tirkey directed the authorities that the beneficiaries of Annapurna must be verified physically.

He also directed all the MOs to submit the SIO of all the dealers and SIO should be submitted by the end of the next month.

Tirkey pointed out the list of the non depositors dealers which includes Chaibasa 23, Noamundi 26, Tonto 6, Jhikpani 67, Hutgamhria 7, Tantnagar 6, Khutpani 21, Goilkera 15, Sonia 22, Gudri 8, Manoharpur 9, Anandapur, 4 and Bandgaon 5 blocks and they were asked to deposit it within 2 days.

The ration of September should be distributed by 20th September and out of 365947 Aadhar shedding of the ration beneficiaries only 322033 Aadhar has been completed and rest of the beneficiaries should be completed soon, the complaint regarding Kerosene oil distribution should be sorted out while the vendor should be inspected surprisingly.

The meeting was attended by all three SDOs, MOs, AJM and transporters

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