Pakistan needs strong government to tackle crisis: Musharraf


    Islamabad, March 8 (IANS) Former president Pervez Musharraf said Pakistan needed a powerful government because the country is currently engulfed in multiple crisis, media reported Sunday.

    Musharraf said that all the allegations levelled against him were baseless. “Those who wish to try me under Article 6 for impeachment should first look at themselves under the same light,” Dawn online quoted the former president as saying.

    Musharraf added that unfriendly powers create chaos and panic in the ranks of a country to set it on destruction path.

    “However, as long as Pakistan Army is present no one can cause harm of any sort to the country,” he added.

    The former president said that currently the country in engulfed in too many issues, “I can’t say if I come into power all these issues will be resolved immediately.”


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