On I-Day, Raghubar appeals misguided youths to come into mainstream


    Jamshedpur, August 16: Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Saturday hoisted the national flag at historic Morabadi ground in Ranchi on 69th Independence Day celebration.

    Addressing the gathering, CM said that I never thought that I will get this privilege. I had never thought that a poor laborer family ‘worker’ will hoist the tricolor on Morabadi ground on the auspicious occasion of the Independence Day. Here lies the strength and capability of Indian democracy.

    We in the House of the Parliament and the Legislatures behave in such a way that no teacher in the class of the school will tolerate. Democracy goes on discussions.

    Obstructing proceedings of the Parliament and the Legislative Assemblies repeatedly is very disappointing. The opposition has the right to say to and the ruling party has the right to do; both should complement each other, not protest. We are proud of our state and nation.

    We are proud that today our country is being established as a proud & powerful nation.

    So far as Jharkhand is concerned, we are renowned for fighting against injustice and tyranny. From 1767AD until Indian Independence, from freedom till today, the freedom struggle is filled with boast of Ulgulan of our ancestors which is inscribed in golden letters.

    Jharkhand has been showered with splendor by nature. Green mountains, rivers, forests mineral & capable human resources are the strength of Jharkhand. The earth is full of assets. But despite this, we are not getting desired result in our endeavor to take the state towards prosperity.

    The different pictures of the state which has emerged even after 14 years of birth of the state, is not very good. I do not say that nothing has happened in previous years.

    But this grievance is not abruptly baseless that the work is not done the way it was supposed to be. Lack of development arises when discontent rises & when it rises it becomes a challenge for law and order. Then development work tends to be either dull or become stuck or stalled.

    It is important that there should be peace in the state. Whatever may be the issues, it should be settled by sitting together & negotiation. This is our state.

    CM appeal the misguided youth of Jharkhand to come into the mainstream. The common man wants peace, growth & wants to ensure the future of their children. The government wants the same, we want the same. I never waged violent struggle for power. I agree, power is a way of service, the medium change.

    Love meant visiting jail, struggle and sacrifice for the country during the freedom struggle. Patriotism in today’s terms means that we should work hard, do honest work, and work together.

    For the state of the confidence and trust reposed by the people in giving me clear mandate, I am grateful to all of them, I promise that with creative collaboration we will ensure all round development of Jharkhand.

    I think I have the privilege of servingthem all. I agree that the state’s three-million people are Ram (Raghuvar) for me and I am Hanuman to them . We are committed to establishing good governance. Our government is committed to give transparent administration through information technology.

    I dream to make a corruption-free state. Investigation ‘Bureau’ has been reorganized as ‘Anti-Corruption Bureau.

    The office is active in every divisional headquarters. we have made necessary changes in law to prevent wrong deeds of Chit fund companies.

    To ensure Inclusive growth and people’s participation in development, the first time in the state “public dialogue program was launched under which state the common person can communicate directly with the Chief Minister.

    One toll-free number 181 is issued to the people through which they can conveyed their problems and suggestions to the government.


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