‘Odyssey 2017’ concludes with rampwalk, dance performances


    Jamshedpur, Aug. 25: The concluding day of ‘Odyssey 2017’ began with Duosteppers or duet dance and the theme given to the participants was ‘Fusion’.

    The theme was quite broad and each duo interpreted it differently bringing forth a variety of unique ideas.
    The Eastern Vocal Solo was held followed by the Grand Quiz which was surely as grand as its name.

    After an hour of intelligent quizzing and logical interrogations the three grand winners were announced.

    After the Instrumental solo performances and Antakshari rounds of the juniors the most awaited event of the day ‘Rampwalk’ began. The participants along with the students in the crowd waited in anticipation.

    Senior participants were given the theme, Superheroes and Supervillains and the junior participants were given the theme Old Bollywood Beauties.

    It turned out to be a wonderful show. To end of the day, Western Solo Dance performance was held were junior and senior participants performed a wide range of styles like Freestyle, Hip hop, Gymnastic and Martial dances.

    The three aspects of Odyssey which makes every student excited is the food stalls with delicious items and the mouthwatering aroma from them, secondly, the informal performances in between are fun.

    Whenever an event is finished it takes time to begin the other informals events and in between any one from the audience is called up on stage to perform any task given.

    The third attraction is the final Prize Distribution Ceremony scheduled for August 26.


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