Now books to be available in Ol Chiki script for KU students


    Jamshedpur, June 13: Kolhan University vice-chancellor Dr. Shukla Mohanty has asked for the list of books required for the syllabus from the tribal regional language (TRL) department head.

    The university will publish the books in Ol Chiki and Warang Kshiti script, said Proctor of KU, Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha.

    He further said that the university will consent the concerned writers and later publish books in local language and script. All the department of KU have been told to submit final syllabus by June 15 for Choice Based Credit System were the HODs have been told to call a meeting of board of studies and prepare the syllabus with the help of the experts, added Dr. Jha.

    Board of Studies meeting of TRL was held at PG department of the college which was headed by HOD Professor Karu Majhi. At the meeting syllabus for Choice Based Credit System was prepared. In his speech, Karu Majhi, said, there will be 14 honours paper in graduation while in general there will be 12 papers with six semesters.

    Majhi further said that syllabus is being prepared after discussions. The board of studies members include Santhali expert Dr. KC Tudu of Ranchi University, professor Birbal Hembrom from Baharagora College, Professor K Hansda, Karu Majhi and N Hembrom from Ghatsila College. Dr. Ram Kishore Bhagat, Dr. Narayan Bhagat from Ranchi University have been included as Kudkhu experts. Dr. Parmeshwari Prasad Mahato, Dr. Vijay Mukherjee from Ranchi University, Professor Subhash Chandra Mahato from Kolhan University and Research Scholar Narsingh Mahato have been included as Kurmali experts. Asmita Munda and Tulsi Narayan Munda of Ranchi University have been included as Mundari experts. For Ho Language Dr. Janum Singh Soy, Professor Basant Cahki, Professor Birsa and Professor Arjun Birua from Kolhan University have been included.

    Significantly, Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu released nine books of Ho’ and ‘Santhal’ language published by the Kolhan University, in Raj Bhawan, Ranchi, a couple of months back. Five books are in Ol Chiki script of Santhali language and four are in Warang Kshiti script of Ho language.


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