Novel steps to make parks plastic free zones’, Jusco takes initiatives


    Jamshedpur : People visiting parks in Jamshedpur are being greeted by boards, banners, placards and labels with environment-friendly messages and warnings aiming at a plastic and litter-free premises as well as on zoo etiquette, with the authorities imposing a plastic ban.

    Messages such as “No plastic, no littering. Violaters would be fined ” and polythene bags are banned. Plastic bottles are allowed only with a caution deposit” have been displayed.

    There are messages on zoo etiquette such as “Don’t litter and smoke in and around the zoo”, “Do not shout, annoy or tease animals. Don’t play music”, “Don’t throw objects, tap or bang on exhibit glass or cages, don’t touch or feed animals”.

    Around a dozen wooden placards or signboards are placed at various parks, some on the trees and near animal enclosures, cautioning public to refrain from using plastic, littering.

    This endeavor of Jusco has been lauded by enthusiastic youngsters from local NGOs and zoo volunteers. “We hope the ban that’s been imposed 1 becomes effective and is implemented strictly. Later on, such an eco-friendly approach can be extended to other public or tourist spots such as parks and rivers,” noted an official.

    An official of Jusco said that they have earmarked the parks at Laxminagar-Premnagar (which was inaugurated by the state chief minister Raghubar Das on August 17), Golmuri Park (in Golmuri), Gandhi Ghat (in Sakchi near Mango bridge) and Bhuiyandih Park (in Bhuiyandih) where use of plastic will be prohibited.

    “Concerned over the situation we have decided strictly ban the use of plastic at the public parks. We have already initiated talks with Singhbhum Varishtha Nagrik Manch (an outfit of senior’s citizen) and local resident management committee to enforce total ban on carrying of plastic materials into the park,” noted an official.

    He said that the reason why plastic is an environmental hazard is because it is one of the few modern chemical materials that is not biodegradable. Polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polystyrene are the composition base in the manufacture of plastics. These synthetic polymers are easily moulded into complex shapes and have high chemical resistance.

    Senior official in horticultural department said that they got a green signal in executing the plastic free concept in accordance with section 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 which bans manufacture, sale, storage and usage of plastic bags.

    Significantly, in the last five years Jusco has converted more ten wastelands and encroached areas into parks namely Golmuri Joggers Park, Baridih Park, Kagalnagar Park (Sonari), Agrico Jogger’s Park, Shastrinagar Jogger’s Park, Kadma Park, Gangotri Park, Nagarkot Park, Nildih Park and Bhuyiandih Park.


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