Narayana IAS students crack JPSC Prelims


    Jamshedpur: The director of Narayana IAS Academy Sanjay Kumar on Friday congratulated the successful candidates of JPSC preliminary examination. He said almost all students of the institute had registered success in the exams save for a few who could not make it for a short margin.

    Kumar advised the successful students to prepare for the main examination with confidence and concentration. He said those who could not make it today should continue doing hard work to succeed in the next attempt.

    The successful students include Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Abhay Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, Ajit Kumar, Rajan Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Sujit Kumar, Ranjeet Kumar, Dharmavir, Suryakant, Kokila, Manita, Preeti and Naz Rafiq.


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