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Nagaland incident & insurgents!


By Jayesh Rane

Why did the soldiers have to open fire in the Nagaland incident? Without a thoughtful thought, only the jawans are being targeted. When looking at what has happened, it is important to think not only on one side but also on the other. Otherwise the direction of the investigation may go astray. Innocent victims are tragic. The security forces have to face a very difficult situation while guarding the country’s borders. Sometimes things get in their way. Both soldiers and dead civilians are ours. So how is this delicate matter being investigated?

The vehicle did not stop despite being notified by the security forces. What should the soldiers have done about it? Nobody says that. The jawans stood directly in the accused’s cage. The security forces have a privilege in that area. It would be wrong to say that no one knows. The demand for revocation of AFSPA ( Armes forces special protection act ) is gaining momentum. From that it was underlined. If the vehicle had been stopped as per the instructions of the jawans, the next incident would not have happened. It is important to maintain the privilege of protecting the country and the soldiers. Was the information about the insurgents true? This is the true origin.

laborers have been killed in the firing of soldiers, then where are the insurgents? that’s the question. Would anyone have a pre-planned plan to get rid of them safely without killing them? Will have to see it. The attempt to create a rift between the local people and the security forces cannot be denied. So that the local people become aggressive and crack down on the security forces. How will the local people get angry about the security forces? And how can the morale of the jawans be lowered by taking advantage of this? What forces ( insurgents ) are working for this? There is also a need for in-depth research on this.

How are the security forces not your friend but your enemy? The traitors working to inculcate this in the minds of the people should be given the harshest punishment. It has to be kept in mind that the image of the security forces will not be spoiled in the minds of the people living in the border areas of the country. Because if this continues the  insurgents  will take advantage of the discontent of the local people and carry out anti-national activities to destabilize the border areas. It will be a success for the  insurgents. And it will be a matter of concern for the country. The  insurgents  will keep a close watch on the current incident. Does the roots of the Nagaland incident go to them? This should be taken into consideration. “If the local people are angry with the jawans, then leave the point of doubting the needle on us, our name will not even come in the discussion about this incident”, may the  insurgents  think so? How to maintain friendly relations between the local people and the security forces and put an end to extremism. it’s important. Another point is that there was tension in some parts of Maharashtra over the alleged incident in Tripura. Now the northeastern state of Nagaland has come into the limelight regarding the incident of firing. Is this a conspiracy to challenge India by disturbing Northeast India?

(Author is based in Mumbai. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at jay.rane555@gmail.com)


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