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MYM Surabhi branch organizes Gaumata ki Swamani


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Jamshedpur, Oct 3:  Members of Marwari Yuva Manch Steel City branch’s women’s wing, Surabhi on Sunday visited Tatanagar Gaushala in Jugsalai and tended to the cows by offering them fodder and worshipping them on the occasion of Pitru Paksh when Gaumata ki Swamani is performed as a part of religious ritual to appease the souls of forefathers throw cows who have the status of Mother and in whom 36 crore Hindu Gods and Goddesses abide. The entire programme was sponsored by Usha Chaudhary.

After the priest completed the prayers, Surabhi members fed food with jagery to the cows. The priest emphasized that worshipping the cow meant worshipping God. He said by serving Gaumata, one attains fulfillment of all wishes. Moreover, he said that the Sradh ceremony, especially during Pitru Paksh pleased the souls of forefathers and they embellished their blessings to their descendents.

The Surabhi team was led by unit president Manisha Sanghi and included secretary Kavita Agrawal, Chanda Chaudhary, treasurer Muskan Agarwal, Gayatri, Soni and Savitri Devi. Branch President Manisha Sanghi said that serving cows during Pitru Paksha resulted in peace and happiness. She said that Sradh Karma was incomplete without serving cows during Pitru Paksha.


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