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Motivational talk at Srinath University


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Jamshedpur, Dec 13: A motivational talk was organized at Srinath University. The keynote speaker, Dr Ashwini Kumar of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalay in Haridwar observed, “The life of individuals is laden with stress and worries and these are not good for the wellbeing of our body and mind. You should know how to treat and behave with others and how to take care of yourselves. Often it so happens that we criticize others but we seldom observe our own faults. It was not for nothing that the pulpit, ‘Simple living and High Thinking’ was created. This proverb has been holding through since generations. You should abstain yourself from indulging in many things like smart phonesw that keep you engrossed as a result you miss out on many joys of life.”

The main purpose of this talk was to make students learn ways to overcome their stress. He said that birth and death were not under our control but our behavior was. Dr Ashwini Kumar said, “We should know how to behave with others. Balance your life with LOVE: L- Listening, O- Observing, V- Visualizing and E- Experiencing.”

Earlier, the welcome address was delivered by the university’s HoD, Dr Monika Uppal  RP Sharma of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalay The program started by the welcome speech by Dr. Monika Uppal HOD. The coordinator of the program was R.P Sharma of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalay who also appealed to people to participate in the blood donation camp that will be organized on December 26.  The vote of thanks was offered by Alice Peter Philips.


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