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More politicians and less farmers in Kisan Andolan: Bihar Agriculture Minister Amrendra Pratap Singh


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Jamshedpur, Oct 13:  Bihar Agriculture Minister Amrendra Pratap Singh said that there were no farmers in the ongoing Kisan Andolan. “Only politicians are active in farmers’ agitation and their intentions are also for a specific purpose,” he said while talking to reporters at the local circuit house during his city visit on Wednesday.

Singh said that it was the politicians who were agitating and instigating the few simple hearted farmers who were present in the agitation ‘by default’ who were saying that the movement will continue till 2024. “It can be gauged from the fact that since the Lok Sabha elections are in 2024 the politicians and political parties involved are weaving a web of malice to prevent Narendra Modi from returning to power. Since the Prime Minister has made all the opposition bereft of any issues to dogfight for, the opposition has become unemployed, They are agitating by forming a front. during the recent Bharat Bandh called by the Kisan Andolan propagators, less farmers and more politicians were seen to be hyperactive,” the Bihar Agriculture Minister contended.

 In response to a query, Amrendra Pratap Singh said that along with Rakesh Tikait, big ‘Dhanna Seth (moneyed people with self interests)’ was fueling the movement. “Actually the same big businessmen are the people who exploit small farmers. The government is always ready to sit and talk about the agricultural law, but the agitating politicians are adamant and instigating Tikait and his brigade into demanding that first the law should be repealed and then there will be talks. The funny aspect in this is that when the law itself is repealed then why will the talks take place? This movement is a movement of completely misguided people and people are being deliberately deviated from the real issue.’

Lalu’s bail due to health conditions, not politics

Speaking of former Bihar chief minister and RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav who had been given bail, AP Singh said, “The people of Bihar should remember that Lalu Prasad Yadav is out on bail because of his health conditions. He remains an accused in the fodder scam.” He was speaking on a point raised during the press meet. He said that anybody could participate in politics as a democratic constitution allowed it. The Bihar agriculture minister asserted that in the by-elections to be held for two seats, NDA candidates were going to win hands down.

Law cannot be implemented by hurting public sentiment

Amrendra Pratap Singh described the actions of the district administration in Kashidih and Sidgora puja pandals as regrettable. “Administrative interference in religious proceedings is definitely unwelcome. The responsibility of the administration is definitely to implement and follow COVID guidelines but no rule or law can be implemented by hurting public sentiments. This move of the administration may worsen the situation. This event is based on an emotional issue, but the sentiments and reverence of the devotees should be taken into consideration.”


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