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Mohalla clinics and play schools must in Jamshedpur slums


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Jamshedpur, Dec 16:  “Mohalla clinics and play schools should be opened in the slum areas of Jamshedpur. Education and health facilities are big challenges being faced by slum area dwellers who are economically very weak,” observed human rights activist and chairman of Roti Bank, Manoj Mishra, the chief guest at a seminar on ‘Marginalized people and their future’ organized by Samagra Manav Uththan Samiti in Chhayanagar.

Manoj further stated, “Dependent on daily wages and minimum income, this class is neither able to give better education to their children nor can they spend on treatment of any major disease in the family for which the life of this class is completely dark.”

He said that this class is provided ration based on the public distribution system by the government, which was not fortified and which affected the health of the poor class. Manoj said that the government should work for this category by making a special action plan commencing with Mohalla clinics and play schools in every slum locality as well as fortification of ration available through public distribution system. He appealed to people to step forward and help this class.  “Retired doctors and teachers should give time for these classes, so that they can be removed from the margins,” Manoj Mishra said.

Shibu Namta, Subal, Jharna Pal, Kishore Verma, Salawat Mahto, Gurmukh Singh, Jaswant Singh, Ganesh Ram, Manav Roy Chowdhury, Dharmendra Saw, Seema Devi, Vandana Modak, Manju Sharma, Savitri Devi, Anu Devi, Sumitra, Rimjhim, Rani, Priyanka, Rinki, Reena Das, Sunita, Malati Devi were among others, present in the programme.


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