Modi just a puppet: Sahay


    Ranchi: A Congress workshop-cum-activists conference was held at Dibdih under the aegis of Ranchi Mahanagar Congress Committee on Monday.

    The chief guest of the occasion was the former Union minister and the MP of Ranchi Subodhkant Sahay. In his address, Sahay said the Congress party had formed the ruling alliance in the state with the view to eliminate corrupt political parties from the political scene and provide a better alternative to the people of the state.

    He said the Congress party was just trying to improve the situation by putting in efforts to mitigate the adverse effects of corruption. He said the good work being done by the present ruling alliance will be visible only after a certain period. He said the people should cooperate with the government and make useful suggestions for improvement on all fronts.

    Training his guns on the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Sahay said the former was merely acting as a puppet in the hands of Bharatiya Janata Party.


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