Mobile tigers to serve under police stations


    Jamshedpur: In order to curb the rising crime rate the mobile tigers — the cops on bike — will be serving under police stations in the steel city, and not under the police control room as they used to do earlier.

    Senior superintendent of police, Richard Lakra said that they have decided to deploy these cops-on-bike at police station level so that they would be under direct control of the officers–in-charge o any police station.The ‘mobile tigers” will remain stationed at various police stations in the city and will come into action in a split of second during a distress call from the police station concerned by the victim.The bikes are fitted with modern communication sets.

    The police control room would monitor the movement of policemen using the bikes. The senior police officer said that the bikes have been fitted with megaphones, wireless sets, and sirens. He pointed out two cops equipped with advanced pistol and rifles will be riding each of the bikes similar to the motorcops found in the metros.

    The introduction of high-speed motorcycles has brought relief to the city residents. We hope that the new system will certainly help cops to contain anti-social activities and help move at narrow lanes on their bikes,” said Kedarmal Agrawal, a trader of Sakchi.Lakra said that there are 44 mobile tigers unit and they are being deployed in various police stations areas in accordance with the importance of the police stations.”When police stations like Bistupur and Sakchi are being provided with six mobile tigers each, the police stations like Golmuri, Jugsalai, Sonari, Kadma and Telco are being provided with five mobile tigers.

    There are several other police stations, where lesser number of mobile tigers will be deployed,” said the senior police officer. He said some of these cops will also be deployed on the NH-33 and also in some police stations in the rural areas of the district.Notably, of late there has been a spurt in the crime of loot, snatching, eve-teasing and drunk-driving at the steel city.

    The people, especially the women and girls are not safe as the criminals and other miscreants have a free run committing loot and snatching with impunity.“Our main target is to deploy the motorbikes around commercial and major business establishments where criminals have been found involved in various loot and cash-snatching incidents,” said another official.“Whenever we get emergency calls we will alert the nearby mobile patrolling motorbike unit.

    In case of snatching, they will chase the criminals, and for accidents or road blockades, they will try to sort the matter on the spot or inform the police station about the situation,” said he noted.


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