MNAC officer inspects flood prone areas in Mango


    Loudspeakers used to inform residents about relief camps

    Jamshedpur, July 23: With monsoon in full swing and incessant rains from the last two-days there is every chance that water level in river Subarnarekha and Kharkai might rise and go above the danger mark. Keeping this mind, Sanjay Kumar, special officer, Mango Notified Area Committee (MNAC) along with his technical officer and local residents visited the flood prone areas in Mango on Sunday and inspected the region which has been worst affected by the floods during previous years and studied as to what needs to be done so that the situation doesn’t gets ugly this year again.

    The team visited sluice gate in Alibagh, drain near Hargodam, Yishu Bhawan and relief camp at Vivekanda School etc. The loudspeakers were used to inform about the relief camp to the people living in the low-lying areas. Sanjay Kumar asked the junior engineer to take necessary steps to overcome the water clogging issue in Khusbu Colony.

    It may be noted that MNAC has prepared flood relief plans seeing the rising water level in the rivers. Special officer Sanjay Kumar informed that like every year five flood relief camps have been put up in Mango region. Flood relief arrangements have been made at Yishu Bhawan, Bavangoda School, Guru Gobind SIngh School, primary School Sankosai and Workers College while five junior engineers have been given separate responsibility to oversee the arrangements. Subernarekha near Mango has four sluice gates fixed to as many manmade nullahs at four points near its banks, to control water flow.

    Deep Narayan, executive engineer of Subarnrekha project has been told to help repair the four sluice gates within time and do the rehearsal for opening and closing of the gates.

    Sanjay Kumar ordered all to make arrangements for all important things including food materials and goods at the relief centres.

    In 2016, two of the four sluice gates worked due to lack of maintenance and this year (2017) all four sluice gates are not working this year.

    Built by Subernarekha Multipurpose Project (SMP), a unit of state water resources department, at Daiguttu (near Kunwar Basti), Subhas Colony (near Shantinagar), Kapali (near Hargodam) and Sankosai Road 1, all crowded areas, construction of sluice gates began in 2009. They were completed by 2012-end, costing anywhere from Rs 51 lakh to Rs 80 lakh.

    Significantly, the low lying localities in areas like Mango, Kadma, Sonari and Bagbera have been worst affected during floods previously.

    With continuous rain from the last two days continuing through the night, Subarnarekha and Kharkai Rivers in Jamshedpur, the district administration has pulled up the socks.


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