Miscreants damage plaque at of a newly constructed Panchayat Bhavan at Kitadih


    Jamshedpur, Aug. 13 : Miscreants damaged a plaque of a newly constructed Panchayat Bhavan at Kitadih in Parsudih before the inauguration on Sunday. The plaque, with the name of BJP legislator from Potka assembly constituency,

    Maneka Sardar was intact till last evening, but when the legislator arrived at the new Panchayat Bhavan for inauguration, found it damaged and dismantled.

    As the incident took place councillor Kishore Yadav who accompanied the legislator soon informed the police, leading a police party led by Parsudih police station OC, Animesh Gupta to arrive at the spot for inspection.

    ” We are investigating the incident. The inaugural plate that was installed in front of the new Panchayat Bhavan at Kitadih has been damaged by some miscreants. Though this may appear a minor incident, but it is politically motivated.

    We have lodged a station diary entry on this matter,” said the officer-in-charge.
    Gupta said that they are looking for the people who have damaged the plaque and would take legal action if detected.

    Maneka Sardar who represents Potka constituence which also include Kitadih Panchayat said by seeing the broken plaque she got to know that some people are either not pleased with the construction of the Panchayat Bhavan there or they are anti-BJP.

    Sardar said that built at a cost of Rs 22 lakh, the new Panchayat Bhavan was set up to help the local residents. If anyone has any grievance over the construction of the Panchayat Bhavan, then he or she should have come to me and speak up.

    The legislator said the police have been informed about the incident and the police must find out miscreants and take action against them.


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