MGM Medical College violating MCI guidelines, cite Maneka Gandhi as excuse


    Jamshedpur, April 26: MGM Medical College has an animal house, but it is running without animals. Moreover, no teacher or staff has been recruited for the house. This is in clear violation of the rules set by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

    The MCI makes it mandatory for the students of the medical college to do research on heart, lungs and liver and to have information about the functions of these body parts. In animal house students are made to do practical on subjects like physiology, micro biology, pharmacology, and biochemistry.

    According to the guidelines of Medical Council of India (MCI), there should be six different rooms in the medical college to keep animals. Along with this five staffs should also be in service where three animal attendants, one teaching staff and one veterinary doctor should be present at any cost.

    When asked about the absence of animals in animal house at the college, principal AN Mishra said, This is true that the condition of animal house at the college is in dire straits and there are no animals available, but one of the reasons behind this is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act where Maneka Gandhi had filed petition saying there shouldn’t be cruelty shown against the animals.”

    This is the biggest reason why the initiative is not working.

    According to the provision of Medical Council of India, frogs, rats, rabbits, monkeys, dogs, cats and pigs should be kept at the animal house of a medical college.


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