Medical profession part of a great enterprise for change: Governor


    Ranchi: Jharkhand governor Draupadi Murmu motivated the doctors graduating from Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Ranchi, on the occasion of their graduation ceremony on Tuesday.

    Addressing the students, the governor said, RIMS is a true reflection of the advances our state has made in the area of medical science and healthcare. We are here to felicitate the young minds who are graduating from one of the prestigious institutes of the country. It is also the day to pay our heartfelt thanks to the faculty members and parents who have shaped and nurtured the brilliant minds we see assembled here today.”

    Murmu further said, “The graduation ceremony is not the end of learning, rather the students are now going from a closed and protected classroom to an open world. They should keep their mindset alive so that they can scale great heights in their respective professions.”

    The governor said that health is an important indicator of any country’s progress. “Unless citizens enjoy good health, their productive potential cannot be unleashed fully. The students who will be receiving degrees, awards and prizes today are India’s investment capital for building a better future. Medicine is a profession respected by all in society. Doctors are given a place next to God. None has seen God. But, the doctors are living Gods on this earth,” she said.

    Murmu urged the members of medical profession to see themselves as part of a great enterprise for a change and work together in the larger interest of the institution. “If we manage things for betterment, every program, department and centre of RIMS will have to imbibe a work culture that shuns factionalism and unhealthy competition. At the same time, it should emphasize service orientation, promote creativity and be truly result-oriented,” she said.


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